Choosing the Right Dog

Dogs come from a variety of sources.  Rescues, breeders, the internet, and your corner grocery store parking lot. Choosing the dog with the correct temperament is what is critical. Is this dog suitable for service dog work? and How do I know?

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The T2T Training Program

Tell me about your program. What can I expect? How does training your own service dog work? How long does it take?  Is my trainer qualified?    All good questions.

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Costs and Expenses of a Service Dog

How much does a potential service dog cost? How much does it cost to keep a dog?  Just how much does it really cost to have and train a service dog?  You will have a lot more questions about this.  Even reading the statistics keep in mind for some people it is less and for some people it is more.

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How Do I Do This?

Teach 2 Train offers a program for owners that want to train their own service dog. Training a service dog is intense and you need to be motivated and  physically and mentally able to do the work needed.  People with profound handicaps have mastered the skills.

You will be instructed and guided throughout your personally customized training program. Your program will be self paced and set in a number of training modules.  Between each module you will get a short break to do what you want, vacation, schedule medical procedures, do extra training etc...

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Next Steps...

This site has answers to many questions you may have.  Should you have additional questions, want to schedule an observational visit to a class in session, or just want to meet us please call, fill out the contact form, or send us an email.  We are always happy to talk to you.